Monsters University: Growing Up

Monsters_UniversityDirected by: Dan Scanlon
Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Helen Mirren, Steve Buscemi, John Ratzenberger.

Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal), the one eyed monster goes to Monsters university to pursue a career in the Scaring industry, he meets rival monster (and future best friend) Sulley (John Goodman). After causing havoc, their future at the university is threatened by the “mean dean” Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren). In order to keep their place, they must overcome their differences to prove that they have what it takes to be the biggest scarers on campus.

Monsters University, the sequel/prequel we have all been waiting for; Monsters Inc came out when the majority of us were little kids, and now as young adults we can enjoy the fun flick once again.

For me it was nice to watch, it wasn’t as good or as hilarious as the first film, but that’s to be expected. When the first one came to the big screen, everything was organic and original, we had never seen anything like it before. Monsters University struggles to compete with other franchises such as “Toy Story”.  I don’t think young children will fully be able to understand it’s university theme or most of the jokes relating to it, but i would definitely recommend that this is one for the family, regardless.

The characters were all weird and wonderful, in particular a certain slug cracked me up… proving that arriving on time, can be extremely difficult.

It still provides comedy and a lovely message – Growing up isn’t all it is cracked up to be, yes it can be fun, but extremely difficult at the same time. University is a place where the weird, wonderful and extremely obnoxious will meet and co-exist. People are pushed out of their comfort zones and will in fact make friends with individuals they never expected to socialise with.

monster-university-trailerI loved how monsters university demonstrated this, Disney continues to do what it always does best, which is to teach. Valuable lessons are taught and i just hope that the children learn that only hard work and determination will actually get you to the place that you want to go.

As well as teaching young children and adults, let’s not forget to mention the lesson it teaches the older people in life, its never too late to pursue your dreams, even when you’re 50 and a beloved character at the university will show you that.

Some may be extremely lucky and randomly  get to where they need to be in life.. but even the privileged struggle, whether you choose to believe that or not, there is no denying that fact.

Monsters university, is it completely wasted on young children?

Be inspired by change, don’t fear it.



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